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Feel Great System Instructions

Unimate should ideally be taken first thing in the morning while fasting. If you want to minimise the sweetness, use more water; if you want it sweeter, use less water. More than 300 ml is also fine! :-)

You can have it hot or cold. It tastes great either way.

While Unimate helps you to fast in the morning, monitor your mood, energy level, and cravings. These are the first modifications to be aware of: Fast for at least 2 - 4 hours before your first meal.

When you begin to feel hungry – usually around 12 or 13 o'clock for some people, but later for others. That is when you will eat your first meal. Before you begin, use a Balance. Pour the package into 200 - 300 ml room temperature water. First, water, then Balance! Shake 3 - 5 times and consume immediately. If you let it rest for a while, it will thicken quickly and become difficult to drink. If this occurs, add more water and consume it right away.

After drinking it, wait 5 - 15 minutes (no more than 30 minutes) before eating your food.

Balance has a pleasant orange flavour and will begin to expand in 5 - 15 minutes, assisting in portion management, preventing overeating, and allowing for a more balanced blood sugar and insulin response from the foods you eat.

Take Balance as soon as you remember if you forget. You will still reap some, if not all, of the benefits.

Allow at least 4 - 6 hours between your first and second meals. Consume plenty of water. Eat nothing in between your two meals. This will appear to be a simple task.

Allow your stomach some time to adjust to the fibres. Bloating and digestive irregularities are likely to be transitory. When you observe that you are responding well, add a second balance package for higher carbohydrate meals.

Do not attempt to make any dietary modifications at first. Dietary changes will come easy to you as your insulin levels drop, and you will be more drawn to choosing better food choices. This is where we will work on making minor, long-term changes to your diet. While also enabling yourself to eat foods you enjoy guilt-free and worry-free.

If you are currently on a keto/low carb diet, gradually increase your carbohydrate intake. Otherwise, you will notice a weight gain. It will fall again. Just keep in mind that carbs draw water into your system, which contributes to weight gain. Allow your body time to adjust if this occurs.

If you have diabetes and are on insulin, don't start increasing your carbohydrate intake straight soon. Priority should be given to sugar control. The same advice applies: Gradually increase your carbohydrate consumption so you can start enjoying the meals you like.

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feel great system Unimate


Get up and go with Unimate. This highly concentrated yerba mate drink contains a unique blend of plant compounds known to:

- Improve mood

- Boost energy

- Heighten mental clarity

- Suppress appetite

Bios Life S & Balance

Balance is the smart solution to balanced nutrition. This patented blend of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds are specifically designed to:

- Slow carbohydrate absorption so you stay full longer

- Promote proper digestion and cholesterol absorption

- Provide 9 essential vitamins and minerals

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